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The current standards require absolute cleanliness of the premises from commercial facilities. The task of the cleaning company is to ensure order and tidiness in large shopping malls. Perfect cleanliness is a guarantee of competitiveness and an integral part of successful customer acquisition. However, this does not mean that the gallery owner should solve such problems on his own. He can easily entrust these duties to a cleaning company, so he does not have to think about the issues of recruiting and training staff, purchasing equipment, etc. Cleaning of all surfaces will be carried out using professional cleaning agents and equipment.

Professional cleaning of commercial spaces

The cleaning company develops its own service program for each client and takes into account their individual wishes. When undertaking the cleaning of shopping malls, both the schedules and the frequency of cleaning are coordinated. The types of services are divided into several types of cleaning: comprehensive cleaning and general cleaning. Integrated cleaning is a type of cleaning of commercial spaces, delivery areas, warehouses, which includes a set of works related to the 24-hour cleaning of the facility. The schedule is developed individually.

Daily cleaning of large commercial spaces includes:

  • Removal of dust, dirt from vertical and horizontal surfaces (doors, windows, sockets, etc.)
  • Removal of dust from glass, mirrors and shiny metal surfaces (washing depending on the degree of soiling).
  • Wet cleaning (washing)
  • Manual cleaning of inaccessible places
  • Dry cleaning of the gallery with a vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning of bathrooms and their disinfection
  • Garbage collection and transfer to a collection site for recycling. Removal of garbage from containers, baskets.

Weekly cleaning of commercial areas:

  • Dry and wet cleaning
  • Manual cleaning of inaccessible places
  • Polishing and cleaning of cabinets and upholstered furniture
  • Cleaning mirror and glass surfaces
  • Disinfection and full cleaning of bathrooms (hand dryers, soap replacement and toilet paper refilling)
  • Washing and disinfection of rubbish bins (replacement of bags in baskets).

General cleaning also includes cleaning of the delivery area and the warehouse, i.e. all internal rooms. Experience in this matter allows the cleaning company to carry out coordinated and optimized work. The company's employees are qualified and reliable in their work, and the fleet of professional equipment is constantly updated and supplemented.

Large-area shopping malls are cleaned with the use of certified and ecological detergents. Employees are familiar with the specifics of these measures and will no doubt pay close attention to all areas requiring separate care. In addition, employees will perform cleaning in common areas, bathrooms, escalators and elevators. Comprehensive cleaning will allow you to feel the comfort and cleanliness in the gallery. The scope of services and the price depends on the arrangements and works concluded in the signed contract.

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