Window cleaning with demineralized water
ProCleaner offers comprehensive window cleaning with demineralized water. This guarantees a perfectly clean glass, without any visible stains or streaks. Even after repeated and intense rainfall, the windows still remain spotlessly clean. Modern technology using demineralized water is not only very environmentally friendly, but also significantly reduces costs.

Why is it worth washing windows with demineralized water?
Demineralized water is very soft and acidic. Thanks to its properties, it discharges the electrostatic charge on the surfaces washed with it, making them resistant to dirt. Osmotic water is extremely effective in cleaning glass surfaces, because it does not contain chemicals or any minerals that are responsible for the formation of sediment. Cleaning the windows with demineralized water is therefore quick and efficient, and there are no dirt, streaks, sediment or stains left on the window. From an ecological point of view, it is important that the dirt is removed only with demineralized water without any chemicals. This technology helps to protect the environment, because no harmful substances get into the soil, as is the case with traditional forms of window cleaning.

Cleaning windows with demineralized water both in households and in business
More and more commercial and service facilities use modern technology of using osmotic water, which helps to keep transparent facades and glass perfectly clean. It is a showcase of professional office buildings that sparkle in the rays of the sun. The use of pure osmotic water shortens the washing process, as it eliminates the need to wipe the washed glass. Demineralized water dries faster and helps to keep the facade perfectly clean. Thanks to this, we save time and the service runs at an express pace.

Mycie okien wodą demineralizowaną – innowacyjna technologia
When washing windows with demineralized water, no ladders or lifts are used, but telescopic lances. This enables the work to be carried out efficiently and safely. The range of such a lance is as much as 12 meters, so you do not need to use mountaineering equipment to clean the windows on the upper floors. The method using demineralized water is dedicated to the effective cleaning of large surfaces. Working directly from the ground significantly reduces costs and simplifies matters related to health and safety. We have professional equipment for external and internal washing, thanks to which the surfaces washed with osmotic water are clean during the first wash and do not require corrections or polishing. Our service brings disproportionate benefits to all customers.

What is window cleaning with demineralized water?
Cleaning windows with demineralized water involves the use of special reverse osmosis filters that remove all chemical elements such as chlorine, nitrates or heavy metals. In this way, ultrapure osmotic water is created, which perfectly absorbs impurities from dirty glass surfaces. The main washing factor, in addition to demineralized water, is also pressure and rubbing with a special brush with soft bristles. This method is completely safe for glass surfaces and for decorations placed on buildings. There are no scratches or unsightly scratches on windows and other elements washed with demineralized water. The osmotic water makes the glass transparent and maintains this attractive appearance for a long time, which allows our customers to make significant savings.
The combination of our experienced staff and the use of demineralized water will allow us to take care of your windows quickly, efficiently and without any problems.

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