Work at heights

ProCleaner, which cares about the highest standards and customer satisfaction, carries out cleaning services also in hard-to-reach places. We professionally perform services at heights, using various equipment: lifts, scaffolding, mountaineering equipment. Our employees are certified in the field of work at height, therefore the services are always safe and effective.

The cleaning company ProCleaner offers cleaning of various surfaces or structures. We clean windows, walls, roofs, chimneys, silos, as well as equipment of facilities, e.g. industrial machines, shelves, lighting. Thanks to high qualifications and specialized equipment, we are able to provide professional service in any place. We use the best methods, machines and preparations, adjusting them to the type of washed surfaces and dirt. We offer: pressure and steam cleaning, washing with demineralized water, cleaning with dry ice, washing with chemicals. The highest standard and safety are our priorities.

Hard-to-reach surfaces at high altitude can be clean

Experience, commitment and a can - do approach are the motto of ProCleaner. In addition to a positive approach to the tasks entrusted to us, we can boast of the highest quality equipment, necessary to carry out even the most unusual orders in the field of cleaning services. Work at heights, aimed at achieving a visible effect of cleanliness, is carried out by employees who are authorized to work at height and with the necessary, reliable equipment, guaranteeing an excellent effect and safety. Due to the fact that there are no impossible tasks for us, we perform high-altitude washing in the most inaccessible spaces.

How do we operate at high altitudes?

Depending on the client's needs, we use modern cleaning methods, such as washing with demineralized water or dry ice. We have equipment that guarantees appropriate results in a diverse range of work specific to activities at high altitudes. We use professional mountaineering equipment, ladders or lifts, thanks to which cleaning of the surface is thorough, effective and ensures a lasting effect. We clean chimneys and walls in a reliable and thorough manner. Modern, professional preparations used for cleaning are selected in terms of the type of material to be cleaned and the intensity of dirt.

What range of services do we offer?

In addition to professional cleaning of windows in public institutions, educational, medical and commercial facilities, we offer cleaning of walls, cleaning of chimneys, cleaning of roofs and industrial, agricultural and infrastructure elements, which, due to their considerable height, make standard cleaning impossible. The comprehensive range of services in the field of work at heights is related to the development of the company, which constantly expands the equipment base necessary to perform each task. By offering high-altitude washing, we try to fully professionally complete the tasks in order to gain your recognition.

What distinguishes ProCleaner?

With care for the perfect end result, we try to carry out each task with commitment and precision. Works at high altitude are carried out with the same accuracy as other activities that are the subject of our offer. We are distinguished by professionalism, individual approach to each task entrusted to us and timeliness, which is so important for the effect of clean surfaces. Washing at height will be done on time. We care about the highest level of services, therefore we do not disturb your peace of mind in the workplace during the cleaning activities and we care about the safety of outsiders who may be in the vicinity of work at heights. Roof washing or chimney washing will be carried out as far as possible without disturbing the peace of people in the building. Please visit the ProCleaner website and contact us to discuss the order.

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