Outsourcing – kompleksowe rozwiązanie

Outsourcing personelu, czyli kompleksowe rozwiązanie dla firm
Hiring employees increases human resources opportunities for business owners. As entrepreneurs, you do not always have the opportunity and time to conduct a single qualification process, and the demand for a given position may appear only temporarily. An excellent solution is employee leasing, which we offer as part of the wide range of ProCleaner activities. With attention to the highest quality of cooperation, our experienced staff, composed of highly qualified specialists, will comprehensively carry out the outsourcing procedure for you, so that your company functions without any problems. Personnel outsourcing is a way to improve the operations of any company, regardless of its size.

How we operate, i.e. employee leasing step by step
If you wish to hire employees, ProCleaner will verify in which industry and for what position it will be necessary to hire based on the rental of employees. You will sign an outsourcing contract with us, and we will take care of all formalities personally, saving you invaluable time. We guarantee that an appropriate employee will appear at the required position in the client's company, employed on the basis of the criteria presented when signing the contract. We always start with the definition of a job profile and a potential candidate who will perfectly match the required competencies for a given position. Then we will start looking for the right person to fill the employment gap. The next stage will be the recruitment procedure. ProCleaner will handle the recruitment and selection of candidates, and the selection of the right person will be made by our experienced HR specialists who specialize in recruitment processes. Employee outsourcing assumes that, at the client's request, the decision to accept a candidate may be made by the client personally.

For which industries do we outsource employees?
Hiring employees on the basis of a contract with ProCleaner ensures that the right person will be selected for the position. ProCleaner specialists can become recruiters for employees from many industries, ranging from production workers or other manual workers, to specialists, managers and managers. At ProCleaner, we are aware that experience and well-established knowledge are the most important in a given position, however, in the qualification process for employee leasing, we also take into account other skills and predispositions of potential employees. The ease of establishing contacts, the ability to cooperate or create a positive atmosphere, building a team of committed people, supported by previous achievements, mean that when dealing with employee outsourcing, we know how important soft skills are, i.e. soft skills. Social and psychological aspects of the position play an important role in the proper functioning of the entire company, which is why we place emphasis on the selection of a person whose psycho-social conditions correspond to the position for which we recruit and hire employees.
Personnel outsourcing is an excellent solution that works more and more often in many industries, most often those where the demand for employees is variable. Trying to meet your requirements, we provide the best employees who perform their tasks reliably. We operate comprehensively, on time and in accordance with the principles set out in the contract, thanks to which you can be sure that each employee from our outsourcing will meet even the most demanding criteria in your company.

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