Operation of PIT trucks

ProCleaner provides forklift rental services with qualified employees. Our forklift operators are competent and reliable, and their skills are backed up by qualifications and courses. We have people with diplomas to operate devices in the following categories: WJO I, WJO II, WJO III. There is no need to rent equipment together with operators, but the provision of comprehensive services by our company reduces bureaucracy and lowers the costs of paying employees by providing qualified employees right away.

Operating on the market for 12 years, we have extensive experience in outsourcing personnel, in particular professionals. We have a well-developed recruitment department that makes it easier for our clients to operate the company by looking for employees with a profile specified by the contractor. We not only employ, but also train and constantly improve the competences of our personnel, who, in addition to comprehensive skills, are characterized by diligence and responsibility.

Providing comprehensive services, our company offers you the rental of forklifts, which are perfect for many companies. If your company requires a forklift, it is worth getting acquainted with the ProCleaner offer, which includes forklift rental and forklift rental service with a person authorized to operate it. In order for our services to be fully professional and reliable, we are constantly developing our skills, training and investing in modern technologies. Thanks to these attributes, both our equipment and its operators are a guarantee of reliability, timeliness and safety. It is extremely important in forklift operation that the driver is properly trained, experienced and safe to operate the forklift, and ProCleaner provides the best specialists in the industry.

Forklift rental - which option to choose?

To ensure your comfort in choosing the right service, we have prepared two options for you. The first is the hire of only forklifts. Machines of excellent quality, in perfect technical condition, can support your activities in the field of goods reloading, warehouse works or many other logistic tasks that require transport with a mechanical device in a small area. The second option is to rent a forklift with an operator. By choosing this option, you do not have to worry about the appropriate training of the employee, because we will take care of all formalities and safety issues. Our employees have WJO I, WJO II and WJO III qualifications, allowing them to operate various types of forklift trucks, as well as invaluable work experience, manifested by reliability and professionalism in the performance of each commissioned task. The commitment and diligence of our employees guarantee the highest level of service, while high personal culture will affect the quality of work and the atmosphere in the team. It is not necessary to rent trucks with service by our employee. You can rent a forklift without using the operator's services. However, it should be remembered then that the operation of forklifts requires qualifications that should be held by the operator.

Forklift rental - why us?

Among the diverse offer of forklift rental, we provide comprehensive services with the help of an employee. While developing our business, within 12 years we have managed to meet the expectations of many customers, which we always implement in accordance with our assumptions. We provide all services on time, without undue delay, which may affect the organization of our clients' work. We always try to do the work with personal commitment, the effects of which are visible at first glance. The machines that we offer for rent have full documentation, necessary technical inspections and are reliable even during demanding work. By using the offer of our company, you can choose several convenient services, choosing them or combining them freely. Favorable prices and the highest quality of service make our offer one of the best on the market. It should be added that the tasks that we undertake both when renting forklifts and for all other services are performed as if they were carried out for ourselves. Our mission is to ensure that our employees are satisfied with their work and derive pleasure from it, so that the client can see for himself the quality of our services. Regardless of which option you choose, you will receive the highest quality equipment that meets all safety standards and has all the necessary documents and up-to-date inspections. Our employees are constantly improving their skills in handling forklifts and constantly gaining qualifications for other types of forklifts. All this to ensure safety at our clients' facilities with a minimum of formalities.
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