Supply of cleaning products

ProCleaner is not only knowledge and experience in providing cleaning services, but also the ability to choose the right cleaning agents. Working for many years in the industry, we have tested almost every cleaning agent available on the market. We only use selected articles on a daily basis. We rely on reliable cleaning agents.

Our offer includes hygiene products both at work and at home. We have a technologist who selects the appropriate preparations after carefully examining the specificity of the facility and customer expectations. A set of cleaning agents designed by him is delivered to the contractor's company. The use of professional chemicals guarantees the highest quality of cleanliness.

Our assortment includes:
  • Cleaning agents: soaps, dispensers, paper towels, cosmetic tissues, toilet paper, air fresheners and odor neutralizers, toilet covers, skin care products
  • Chemicals: cleaning preparations for kitchens, sanitary facilities and textiles, liquids for cleaning and caring for surfaces and floors, disinfectants
  • Portable cleaning systems: cleaning trolleys and kits, window cleaning systems, handles, mops and sticks
  • Small equipment: cloths and sponges, cloths, machine pads, brushes and brooms, bags.

The experience that we have over many years of our activity has taught us that cleaning services are not only a skilful approach to cleaned surfaces, but also household chemicals used at work. When carrying out orders, we attach great importance to the specificity of the facility, adjusting the appropriate cleaning preparations to it, so as to perform the service for the sake of safety and the environment. The professional chemistry we use perfectly copes with different types of pollutants. As part of the services provided, ProCleaner offers comprehensive cleaning of offices, health care units and many other facilities, being fully prepared for this type of activity. Our team has access to the safest, professional cleaning products. Each preparation is carefully checked by us. We make sure that it has the appropriate approvals, certificates and is safe for the environment. Thinking about customers interested in purchasing cleaning preparations, we offer them our help. Household chemicals from ProCleaner are ideal for maintaining hygiene at home and at work. We guarantee the high effectiveness of our cleaning agents, so buyers can count on their reliable operation. After getting acquainted with the client's expectations and the specifics of a given facility, we prepare special preparations that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers to the highest degree.

Ecological cleaning agents from the ProCleaner offer

We focus on comprehensive solutions so that each of our clients can receive fully satisfactory service from us. Therefore, certified and ecological cleaning agents can be ordered together with professional cleaning tools and accessories. In addition to soap dispensers and a wide selection of paper towels, we have professional cleaning trolleys, brushes and cleaning cloths. Our assortment also includes air fresheners and toilet covers, so buyers who are interested in professional cleaning products from ProCleaner can choose from a wide range of top quality products.

Why are ProCleaner professional cleaning products recognized by buyers?

This is due to their incredible efficiency of operation, while maintaining high safety standards. We know that some contaminants require the use of appropriate preparations. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to guarantee that our cleaning agents remove dirt for good, while maintaining the user's safety and without negative impact on the environment. We have tested them ourselves, executing orders for hundreds of clients, and their satisfaction is the most important evaluation of the quality of the products in our offer.

Reliable household chemicals for the office and home

We know that keeping clean is tedious and hard work. However, with our preparations it becomes much easier. ProCleaner household chemicals are used by our employees on a daily basis when carrying out orders, so we can guarantee the high effectiveness of our measures, which is confirmed by our employees and customers. For us, reliability, effectiveness and long-lasting effect count, and thanks to cleaning agents and tools from our rich offer, we are able to achieve it. Detailed information on the available preparations, their prices and the time of order fulfillment can be obtained after contacting our representatives. For the sake of the highest standard of services, professional chemistry is priced individually and in accordance with the detailed guidelines of the client. For the sake of our customers, each of our products is attested and has the necessary certificates, and is also safe for the environment.

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