Securing the floors

Protecting the floor against external factors is the best way to extend the service life and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the floor. Maintenance protects against chemical and mechanical damage, and also dampens dirt.

ProCleaner offers a range of revitalizing and security services for different types of floors. We use specialized machines and modern preparations, thus guaranteeing the highest standard. The floor is properly prepared for treatments, cleaning, abrasive and additional services. Secure techniques are tailored to the different type of surfaces. Maintenance is most often based on impregnation and acrylics.

Protecting floors is a complex procedure that requires technological and impeccable cleanliness knowledge in the subsequent stages of the process. We guarantee the highest quality of services by using modern machines and equipment.

Services offered by our cleaning company:

The polymerization consists in applying a polymer preparation to the floor, forming an impermeable coating. Polymer has curing and anti-skid properties, gives a high gloss and helps maintain cleanliness. Acrylic flooring including: concrete, PVC, linoleum, marble, panels and rubber.
Crystallization involves application of a chemical agent to the surface, changing the structure of the floor. It cures the surface, so that the floor becomes resistant to damage. Crystallization provides: high gloss and anti-slip properties. Supported surfaces: stone, concrete, conglomerate and terrazzo.
lacquering involves application of several layers of lacquer that leaves a protective layer on the wood surface. It protects against mechanical and chemical damage and moisture. Individually selected finish: gloss, half-mat or mat, affects the degree of slippage of the floor. Lacquering is performed on wooden floors of each type.
Oiling involves application of several layers of specialized oil that penetrates into the wood structure. Impregnation does not leave on the surface of additional layers, so the floor freely regulates its microclimate - "breathes". After impregnation the floor is resistant to damage and also has antistatic properties. Oils are prepared for wooden floors of various types, excluding calcium carbonate or silica.
Waxing involves application of a layer of wax that forms a topcoat. Wax protects against ingress of dirt, acts anti-static, gives shine, and prevents from water ingress, while allowing the floor to regulate its microclimate. It is mainly used on wooden surfaces.
Hydrophobisation, or hydrophobic coating (protection from absorption of moisture and liquids). It involves application of a preparation that penetrates into the surface structure or leaves a thin coating on it. Hydrophobization is performed on various types of floors: concrete, stone, brick.