Securing the floors

Maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the floor and extending its life is related to the appropriate protection of the floor against external factors. Proper maintenance of the floor can inhibit the surface from mechanical and chemical damage and even reduce the penetration of dirt.

ProCleaner meets the expectations of customers and offers a range of security and shine restoration services for many types of floors. We guarantee the best surface protection using specialized machines and modern preparations. Before starting work, our specialists properly prepare the floor for treatment - they clean, grind and fill in any defects. All security techniques are matched to the structure and type of surface.

Securing floors allows you to protect them against damage and adverse effects of external factors. Extends their durability, facilitates ongoing care, and additionally gives an aesthetic appearance. The most frequently used methods of impregnating horizontal surfaces include polymerization, crystallization, varnishing, oiling, waxing and hydrophobization. The implementation of a protective coating by our specialized company is a guarantee of durable and effective protection of the floor.

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