Supply of cleaning products

ProCleaner, which professionally deals with restoration and maintenance of cleanliness, has specialized cleaning expertise, including effective chemistry. Our long-standing industry has allowed us to test almost every cleaning agent and chemical available on the market. We choose the best articles we use every day. The service offered by us is based on knowledge, experience and reliable products.
We offer a comprehensive supply of resources necessary to keep work and home hygiene. The choice of appropriate preparations is made by our technologist, who after examining the specifics of the object and the needs of customers, matches product. The ready kit is delivered to our business partners. Using the best products available on the market gives you a cleanliness warranty.
Products available at our disposal:
  • Detergents: soaps, dispensers, paper towels, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, air fresheners and odour neutralizers, toilet seats, skin care articles
  • Chemicals: kitchen cleaners, sanitary ware, textiles, cleaning and care of surfaces and floors, disinfectants
  • Portable cleaning systems: trolleys and cleaning kits, window cleaning systems, handles, mops and sticks
  • Small equipment: wipes and sponges, wipers, machine wash, brushes and brooms, garbage bags.

Professional equipment

  • Modern machinery park
  • Specialized chemical agents
  • Best cleaning products

Reliable personnel

  • High qualifications
  • Carefulness and punctuality
  • Controlling system

Competitive prices depend on:

  • Size and specifics of the object
  • Scope of work
  • Services frequency