Post-construction cleaning

Newly built or renovated facilities require basic cleaning, which requires: specialized machinery, chemicals, and competence. All these tools have ProCleaner, which professionally restores cleanliness. We take care of the good appearance of the client's facilities, comprehensively and carefully performing the service.
Our qualified employees use machines and cleaning agents of the highest class. Cleaning methods are set individually, adapting them to the specificity of the facility. The combination of knowledge and specialized equipment provides the customer with a guarantee of high-quality services.
Post-construction and post-renovation cleaning includes:
  • tidying up building materials
  • comprehensive vacuuming and dusting
  • comprehensive cleaning of the facility and its equipment
  • disinfection
  • removal of paint, glue and other stains.

Comprehensive post-construction cleaning in Wrocław and its vicinity

Our company offers professional and comprehensive post-construction cleaning Wroclaw is headquarters, but we provide services not only in the capital of Lower Silesia, but also in the surrounding towns and the entire province. In the case of larger orders, we can successfully reach any other place in Poland. Our offer is addressed to housing cooperatives, companies managing public utility facilities and other enterprises, as well as to individual clients, owners of flats, houses, apartments and other facilities. We provide effective cleaning services for offices, medical facilities, production halls, shops and hotels. We guarantee timely implementation and ensuring a high level of quality of executed orders.

The team designated by us to clean is always properly trained. He works according to hygiene cards and executive instructions prepared each time for a given client.

Post-construction cleaning Wrocław - scope of services

The basic scope of post-construction cleaning services in Wrocław includes, among others:

  • cleaning the external facade of the building,
  • comprehensive cleaning of floors and floors of any type,
  • impregnation of floors (including acrylating, protection of stone, porcelain tiles, etc.),
  • thorough cleaning of windows and other glass surfaces, including removal of paints and other types of materials,
  • cleaning window sills,
  • professional vacuuming with a specialized vacuum cleaner, including, in particular, the removal of accumulated post-renovation or post-construction dust,
  • cleaning sanitary fittings and bathrooms,
  • elimination of the remains of varnishes, adhesives, paints, mortar and other remains of building materials,
  • cleaning up and taking away debris, rubbish and leftovers after the work performed,
  • cleaning balustrades and stairs,
  • clearing the area around the building,
  • other types of activities and cleaning services, individually agreed with the client.

We provide effective restoration of a newly built facility or after a comprehensive renovation to a usable condition. This process is not a standard cleaning that can be performed by everyone, both due to the type of dirt (other than in the case of contamination resulting from everyday use), and due to the need to use professional cleaning agents, machines and technologies. For this reason, it is inadvisable to remove post-construction dirt on your own. Incompetent attempts to get rid of them may damage or even destroy the surface.

In our work, we use only high-quality, specialized cleaning chemicals, which are usually unavailable for general sale. We use proven products from reputable manufacturers. They allow you to effectively get rid of even very tough dirt, and when properly applied by a professional, they are completely safe for the surfaces to be cleaned. Chemicals used by our company are always used in accordance with the intended use and the dates indicated by the manufacturers, which allows you to take full advantage of the potential of each product.

We have modern equipment that significantly speeds up and improves the quality of the work performed. The means and devices used are always selected individually to the type of task being performed and the degree of soiling.

In addition, as part of the cleaning service, we can also offer effective protection of tiles and tiles, marble, terrazzo, porcelain or other stone, as well as washing carpets and carpets.

Post-construction cleaning is not an easy task, however, we always make every effort to ensure that it is performed professionally and, above all, effectively. We remove as much dirt as possible dry to prevent it from being absorbed by moisture. Our many years of experience, skills as well as professional chemicals and cleaning equipment allow us to obtain the effect that fully satisfies the customer. We also provide favorable, very competitive prices.

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