Health care units

ProCleaner applies procedures and instructions for maintaining cleanliness and disinfection in medical facilities, thanks to which it guarantees a high standard of its services.
Health and safety standards are the basis for the performance of our services. When cleaning in health care units, we develop a thorough hygiene plan that is adapted to the specificity of the facility.
We clean all sanitary areas:
  • continuous cleanliness zones
  • hygienic cleanliness zones
  • variable cleanliness zones
  • zones of continuous contamination.
We provide our services both in private and state health care units. We clean hospitals, clinics, clinics, clinics and even sanatoriums. We take care not only of the room and the surrounding area, but also of the equipment of offices and rooms.
Out of concern for the health and safety of all patients and those in care of health care units, directors and persons responsible for facilities must ensure that all facilities are clean. Any sanitary oversights in the realities of medical institutions are unacceptable. Based on many years of experience, ProCleaner offers a comprehensive cleaning service for hospitals, clinics, clinics and sanatoriums.

Cleaning of clinics, hospitals and clinics

The qualified and experienced staff of ProCleaner applies procedures and instructions for cleaning and disinfection. When cleaning hospitals and clinics, the high quality of the services provided makes the facilities sterile and safe for patients and staff. We clean all sanitary areas and take care of their proper appearance and equipment. We focus on health and safety standards and develop individual hygiene plans, tailored to the specificity and requirements of a specific facility. We provide our services in state and private facilities - we clean clinics, hospitals, clinics and clinics. We take care of all rooms and areas around the building.

Cleaning the sanatorium

The range of ProCleaner services also includes sanatorium cleaning. People who go to this type of sanitary facilities want to rest, regenerate their strength and heal troublesome diseases. For this to be possible, it is necessary to create the appropriate conditions. It is important that the sanatorium is a sterile place where each patient can enjoy the safety and comfort of their stay. For this purpose, ProCleaner, when cleaning sanatoriums, provides reliable services that guarantee cleanliness and health-promoting conditions. Our employees use only certified cleaning agents that are safe for humans and do not contain harmful substances.

Equipment of health care units

In the interests of the safety and health of all patients under the care of health care units, ProCleaner specializes in cleaning services for all sanitary areas. It introduces sterile conditions and takes care of compliance with all necessary standards and procedures. He is also involved in equipping offices and rooms. We disinfect the equipment of health care units and make sure that patients in the wards do not miss anything.
Sanitary areas cleaned by ProCleaner:
  • continuous cleanliness zones
  • hygienic cleanliness zones
  • variable cleanliness zones
  • zones of continuous contamination

Plan adapted to the facility

Taking into account the specificity of various facilities, ProCleaner specialists adapt an individual hygiene plan to each building. Thanks to this, people responsible for work safety can be sure that each room is properly cleaned and disinfected. We clean hospitals, clinics, clinics and sanatoriums. We provide the highest quality services, equip rooms and offices, we care about safety and maintaining high quality standards. Everything for comfort, hygiene, health and creating conditions thanks to which all patients' ailments can be cured.
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