Cleaning office spaces

Office buildings, which are the showcase of companies, must be distinguished by impeccable cleanliness in order to increase the company's reputation and the comfort of work of the staff. ProCleaner - based on qualified personnel - provides professional cleaning services. Our employees perform the assigned tasks carefully and reliably, using the latest technologies, and to achieve the best results and long-lasting effects, we use innovative methods and the best cleaning agents. In the interests of high quality of services, we use reputable equipment and chemicals. We adjust the cleaning service to the clients. We set the scope of work individually, adjusting the service to the needs and requirements. The frequency of services and the hours of their implementation are agreed with business partners in order to ensure the provision of services at the highest level.

The service includes:

  • floor cleaning and care
  • vacuuming carpets and furniture upholstery
  • washing facility equipment: furniture, equipment, etc.
  • cleaning windows, glazing and doors
  • emptying rubbish bins
  • cleaning toilets.

A clean office is your image

It comes as no surprise that one of the first things that catches the eye when crossing the threshold of an office is its cleanliness. It takes just a few seconds and one look to form a certain opinion, which is why it is very important to provide the best possible office cleaning services. A perfectly clean office will not only raise the company's reputation, but also provide the staff with the expected comfort of work.

Office cleaning at the highest level

At ProCleaner, we focus on the best qualified staff who perform office cleaning services of the highest level. Thanks to this, each client can be sure that he will get the desired effect. The tasks entrusted to our employees are performed each time with the same high diligence and reliability in a wide range of cleaning office spaces. In order for the work to be as effective as possible, we provide our employees with the latest technologies, thanks to which the results of their work are long-lasting and satisfying. ProCleaner uses the best quality cleaning products on the market, as well as innovative methods that not only facilitate the work of our staff while cleaning the office, but also leave the office in a perfectly clean condition.
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An individual cleaning plan for your office

One of the basic assumptions of our company is to adjust the services to the expectations of customers, so that they reflect their needs. We guarantee the accuracy and professionalism of the implementation of each order, we do not use generalities. Each office is different and each cleaning of offices is also different. The scope of work in the office is in line with the client's needs and requirements in 100%, ensuring the efficient performance of the service at the highest level. The client does not have to worry about the inaccurate fulfillment of his expectations regarding cleaning office spaces. We are flexible and we will adjust the frequency and hours of services to the company's working hours, so that cleaning does not destabilize the proper functioning of the office.

What do ProCleaner services include?

Among others, in the field of office cleaning services, there are:
  • floor cleaning and care
  • vacuuming carpets and furniture upholstery
  • thorough cleaning of the equipment of the entire facility, e.g. equipment, furniture
  • cleaning windows, glazing and other glass elements of the facility
  • regularne opróżnianie koszy na śmieci
  • cleaning toilets.

What does the price list of cleaning services depend on?

The price list of office cleaning is determined individually with each client, due to many variable factors. The first is primarily the size of the office building, as well as its specificity, number of floors, rooms, etc. Another factor is the range of services, which is selected for the client so that he can expect a perfect effect that will satisfy him. The last but no less important factor is, of course, how often the office will use the company's services. Despite the fact that the office cleaning price list is based on these factors, we can assure you that the prices that we will be able to propose are the same as our cleaning services - perfectly matched.
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