Ozonation of rooms

Ozone is nothing but a three-atom form of oxygen (O3). From a chemical point of view, ozone has such strong oxidizing effects precisely because of the third atom, which tends to separate from the rest of the compound. This property is used, inter alia, in for ozonation using the ULV method, which has a strong disinfecting and bactericidal effect.

Ozone is generated using special devices that generate ozone from the air with the help of electricity. Interior ozonation is an effective method of disinfecting and refreshing rooms, especially useful during a pandemic and with an increased risk of microbial contamination.

Our experience
We have experience in carrying out this type of services, which have been confirmed by many contracts with our contractors and effective disinfection of the premises. We invite you to contact our representative directly, who will present the appropriate methods and measures that can be applied to the selected type of premises.

Ozonation - application

Ozonation is a very effective method of disinfecting rooms. It will work perfectly in hotel facilities, as well as in offices, warehouse and industrial halls as well as logistics centers where there are a lot of people and the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria increases. However, it is worth mentioning that ozone is dangerous for humans, so it is recommended to use this method after working hours or to ventilate the room thoroughly after disinfection. Thanks to the ULV method, i.e. microscopic mist sprayed indoors, the whole process is very effective. The sprayed substance gets into every, even the smallest corner, and effectively cleans the surfaces. However, it does not settle on objects and does not leave any dirt or unpleasant odors. It is perfect for allergy sufferers and in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms, because it effectively removes mites and mold.

Range of services

We provide our services using the most modern technologies that have been thoroughly tested and adapted to the requirements of various facilities. We have ozone generators intended for smaller facilities, such as offices or hotel rooms, as well as industrial ones, which will work well in large halls or warehouses.
Our technology department meticulously prepares a team and devices to carry out ozonation as efficiently as possible. With the help of devices adapted to the rooms, qualified specialists perform the service at the highest level, taking care of appropriate security.
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