About us

ProCleaner is a professional team working in the cleaning industry for 12 years. The company is located in Wroclaw, but the services are provided in the whole country and Europe.


Individual approach to Customer’s needs is the main principle that we follow while cooperating with our Customers. We customize our offer to match the needs of our business partners. We have implemented our own program of controlling provided services, allowing us to oversee each stage of the process. Customer satisfaction surveys confirm our competitiveness. We treat tasks entrusted us by our customers with standards of the highest quality.


ProCleaner employs 1.500 people. Every day they add value to the professionalism and integrity of the company. Our highly qualified staff performs the assigned tasks reliably – employees use procedures with meticulously prepared plans. The supervisory system includes integral auditing and scoring, motivating the team to improve and provide high performance. Attention to detail, as well as ethical attitude towards customers and employees, distinguishes ProCleaner from other companies on the market.

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Modern Maschine Park

Striving for a professional quality management service has prompted us to equip our employees with the most advanced technology. ProCleaner has its own modern machinery park with the best equipment to perform any maintenance works. Specialized equipment maximized our efficiency.

We use European brands like: Karcher, Numatic, Henry Kruse, Kranzle, Hako. For standard services we use: weeping machines, floor washing machines, polishing machines and snow removal machines. Additionally we provide specialize work, which also requires professional equipment and knowledge. ProCleaner has the machinery to perform dry-ice blasting, cleaning requiring alpinist equipment, or to clean hard-to-access places with scissor lifts and aerial work platforms.

Cleaning Products

ProCleaner uses specialized chemicals and cleaning products to carry out commissioned services. We work with leading European manufactures of products and equipment for professionals. We receive our products from: Merida, Henry Kruse, Voigt and Diversey. All agents are certified and ecological.

Professional knowledge and knowledge of articles allows us to adjust the chemistry and effectively remove contaminants. Thanks to many years of experience and appropriate resources, we are able to perform each cleaning service with the desired effect. The highest standard of services is our priority.

Company Direction

The company direction is to create new service standards and to improve the quality of life of our customers by providing them with friendly and healthy environment. Satisfaction of our business partners with the services we provide is our priority and we are constantly striving for efficiency and development. We improve our services through training, development, implementation of standards and quality control. The highest standards are based on experience, constant progress and application of the latest technology.

Customer satisfaction is our company direction. The concept is realized on the basis of two foundations: partnership relation with internal and external contractors and the highest standard services.

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Quality Policy

The most important target of our company is to provide pleasant cooperation with both our customers and employees. Appropriate quality is achieved by specialized personnel and modern machinery. Employees are based on certain standards, so they properly fulfil their responsibilities. We regularly seek new industry solutions. We hold the following certificates: ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 9001: 2015, Numatic International, Merida and Henry Kruse Polska, proving our competence.

In the interest of good name of the company and customer satisfaction, we are implementing a program of assurance. The expanded control policy of all departments of the company, as well as the successive stages of work help us to prevent failings. Coordinators are responsible for internal audits, reporting, monitoring scoring system designed to award to employees for completed tasks, and checking the customer satisfaction surveys. At each stage of the cooperation we control progress, while being in close contact with the contractor. The Help Desk is available to our Customers 24/7

The features that stand out us are:

  • professionalism
  • flexibility
  • comprehensive
  • timeliness
  • modernity
  • machine park
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