Cleaning services

Cleaning services

Our team of professionals has all the skills and is equipped with the appropriate equipment for comprehensive cleaning of facilities. Integrated services, which save our clients time and money, are a standard service, therefore they are easily cared for not only individual rooms, but also entire complexes of buildings.
Our extensive technical facilities are equipped with a modern machine park and a cleaning agent warehouse. By adjusting the resources to the specifics of the facility and the type of dirt, we select the equipment so that nothing is missing. Appropriate cleanliness and safety standards as well as service quality management ensure the highest standard of our services. As part of comprehensive cleaning, we will take care of all industrial, storage, office and hygienic and sanitary rooms. Obiekty te zostaną przez nas wysprzątane dokładnie i solidnie oraz bez szkody dla środowiska naturalnego. Taking care of the contractor's satisfaction, the frequency of work, the scope of duties and working hours of the cleaning staff are agreed individually with the client, adjusting to the expectations.
The offer includes:
  • keeping floors clean: sweeping, vacuuming and washing;
  • cleaning of carpets, carpets and upholstery;
  • washing facility equipment: furniture, equipment, etc .;
  • washing windows, glazing and doors;
  • emptying litter bins;
  • cleaning toilets.

Cleaning services

Nasze usługi wyróżnia dokładność, sumienność i jakość sprzątania. Sprzątanie świadczymy nie tylko na terenie miasta Wrocław, lecz także innych miejscowości na terenie Polski i Europy. Siedziby firmy mieszczą się również w Szczecinie, Łodzi, Katowicach, Warszawie i Poznaniu. Wieloletnie doświadczenie na wrocławskim i ogólnopolskim rynku firm sprzątających nauczyło nas tego, jak być najlepszymi w tym, co robimy. Dysponujemy odpowiednim zapleczem technicznym, środkami czystości oraz zatrudniamy najlepszy personel sprzątający, aby sprostać nawet najtrudniejszym zabrudzeniom. Jednocześnie zapewniamy sprzątanie przy użyciu ekologicznych środków.
Profesjonalna obsługa klienta oraz wysoka jakość sprzątania wyróżniają nas na rynku. Wieloletnie doświadczenie poświadcza zaufanie, jakim obdarzyli nas dotychczasowi klienci, którzy przekonali się, że ProCleaner jest firmą godną polecenia.
Shining clean rooms and a satisfied customer are the priorities of our company. We invite you to take advantage of our services that we provide at the highest level. We are distinguished by precision and attention to the smallest details. You will notice very quickly that it is worth investing more in order to get great quality. The offer includes general cleaning, from tidying up individual rooms to maintaining order in entire buildings. Experience in the industry and professional equipment are a guarantee of exemplary work that will surely satisfy the most demanding customers.

Comprehensive cleaning - scope of services

We clean buildings comprehensively. Our staff carefully takes care of the comprehensive cleaning of individual surfaces, making them clean and fragrant. Both offices, industrial, storage and sanitary rooms require systematic work of a cleaning team. We keep floors clean by thorough vacuuming, sweeping and washing. If the room has carpets, upholstery or carpeting, our employees will take care of their perfect condition. We remove dust accumulating on furniture, equipment and office devices. We regularly remove waste and empty litter bins. Hygiene and cleanliness in sanitary rooms are of particular importance. Our team will make these places exceptionally neat and aesthetic. During thorough cleaning, we will also take care of windows, glazing and doors, which will become transparent and free of dirt.

Comprehensive cleaning - reliable and responsible staff

Our employees are the main value of our company, they are qualified and reliable in their work, thanks to which we guarantee the highest standard of cleaning. Thanks to professional training, they can cope with even the most difficult dirt. Timeliness and diligence are very important to us, which is why our team consists of punctual people who respect customers' time. We systematically supervise and control the quality of performed activities, guaranteeing our customers a perfectly made comprehensive cleaning.

Modern and professional equipment is the basis for comprehensive cleaning

Well-qualified staff uses the best quality cleaning agents, intended for professional thorough cleaning of individual surfaces. Specialist chemicals are a way to deal with stubborn dirt that is difficult to remove with the usual generally available agents. We also have a modern machine park. Appropriately selected machines for the activities make it easy to carry out comprehensive cleaning works, even in the most inaccessible places.

The price is adequate to the high quality of services

The price of our services depends on many factors. First of all, it is the area of the building or room and the frequency of tasks performed. A different price will apply for systematic comprehensive cleaning, a different price for a one-off comprehensive restoration of order. We invite you to contact our company directly in order to obtain a specific price offer. Knowing your expectations and preferences, we will be able to evaluate our services and start general cleaning of the building.
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