Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Nasza firma świadczy profesjonale usługi czyszczenia dywanów, tapicerek i wykładzin z zastosowaniem specjalistycznych urządzeń i środków chemicznych. Mamy doświadczenie w czyszczeniu różnych pokryć – usługę dostosowujemy do materiału, struktury, splotu i innych czynników, a każdy przedmiot poddajemy indywidualnej ocenie przed rozpoczęciem prac.

We comprehensively refresh all surfaces using professional equipment. ProCleaner approaches each problem professionally and efficiently, and adjusts the cleaning methods to a specific order.

ProCleaner specializes in professional and comprehensive cleaning of buildings, halls, offices, hotels and other facilities. In addition, we also have a wide range of additional services. We constantly invest in technological development, thanks to which we have our own modern machinery park, as well as specialized chemicals that have the necessary certificates and are safe for the environment. Thanks to such solutions and commitment, we are 100% effective. Cleaning products are adjusted to the type of material, its structure and weave in order to obtain the best effect of work that will meet your expectations. We deal with cleaning carpets, upholstery and floor coverings as well as extraction, encapsulation, foaming, bonnet and shampooing.

Czyszczenie Dywanów Wykładzin i Tapicerek

Cleaning carpets, upholstery and carpets

As part of specialist services, we provide comprehensive cleaning of carpets, carpets and upholstery. In the interests of the customer's well-being and satisfaction, as part of our specialist services, we use the best methods for thorough cleaning and surface care. These are: extraction, shampooing, foaming, encapsulation and bonnetting used to refresh carpets, upholstery and carpets.

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