Room disinfection - fogging

Maintaining safety at the facilities is an essential responsibility of every employer. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are looking for effective solutions for disinfecting rooms and surfaces. One of such methods is ULV fogging, which consists in spraying microscopic fog with special biocides, which penetrates even the smallest nooks and crannies. This method of disinfecting rooms is extremely effective and effective, and the latest technologies allow for such a process to be carried out in complete safety. Specially adapted foggers spray very fine drops (from 10um to 50um) of fog, which penetrates deep into the air and disinfects the objects found in the room - making it sterile and suitable for employees.
Disinfection of halls, warehouses and large facilities
As part of our services, we provide a wide range of services for disinfecting both office rooms as well as storage, industrial and logistic facilities. We are able to adjust the frequency, type of device and chemical agent to any space, and our experience in this process is confirmed by many implementations in various types of facilities.

Is fogging safe?

Depending on the type of biocide used, fogging systems are used in various types of rooms - from office spaces, through cars, ambulances and hospital rooms, to large warehouse and industrial facilities. Preparations used in foggers have been proven to work against the coronavirus, which is now the main threat. The pandemic prevailing in the world has forced entrepreneurs to apply measures that will eliminate potential threats from the workplace. In addition, fogging can help eliminate viruses such as Adenovirus type 5, Murinenorovirus, as well as Swine Flu A / H1N1, and Avian Influenza A / H5N1. It also works against e.coli bacteria and tuberculosis bacilli. Fogging is also recommended when insects such as bedbugs, cockroaches, flies, mites or scabies appear on the object.

ULV fog generator

Fogging systems are mainly based on ULV (ultra low volume) technology, which means fogging using minimal amounts of biocides in combination with water. This method is extremely effective in keeping the temperature low - studies have shown that higher temperature reduces some of the bactericidal properties of the substance. Fog generators are adjusted to the size of the rooms in which they will be used - for smaller ones, such as offices, small sprays are used, while on larger facilities, cannons are used to spray the disinfectant. Contrary to a traditional atomizer, the fog created by the ULV fogger leaves no traces on walls, floors and interior fittings. Our company offers devices tailored to the needs of each room, and qualified technologists select the appropriate agent that will ensure the highest efficiency and full safety.
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