Work at heights

ProCleaner, which takes care of the highest standards and customer satisfaction, also carries out cleaning services in areas that are difficult to access. We professionally perform services at heights with various equipment: lifts, scaffolding, and mountaineering equipment. Our employees have licences to perform works at heights, so the services are always safe and effective. The cleaning company

ProCleaner offers cleaning of different surfaces or structures. We wash windows, walls, roofs, chimneys, silos, furnishes objects such as industrial machinery, shelving, lighting. By high qualifications and specialized equipment, we are able to perform professional service anywhere. We use the best methods, machines and preparations to match the type of surface to be washed of dirt. We offer: pressure and steam cleaning, demineralised water cleaning, dry ice cleaning, chemical cleaning. The highest standards and security are our priorities.

Professional equipment

  • Modern machinery park
  • Specialized chemical agents
  • Best cleaning products

Reliable personnel

  • High qualifications
  • Carefulness and punctuality
  • Controlling system

Competitive prices depend on:

  • Size and specifics of the object
  • Scope of work
  • Services frequency