Housing estates

The cleaning service for housing estates is a standard service for ProCleaner that we offer. The cleaning service in residential areas may include cleaning of blocks of flats, tenement houses or entire housing estates. We provide the highest quality of services provided by our qualified staff and only recommended, certified cleaning agents. Each common place of tenants is properly cared for.
We adjust the service to the client's needs, extending or narrowing the offer. The frequency and working hours of our cleaning service are agreed with the contractor.

As part of the service, we offer:

  • cleaning entrance and entrance gates
  • sweeping, washing and caring for floors, stairs, elevators
  • vacuuming and washing carpets, carpets, rugs, furniture upholstery
  • cleaning windows and glazing
  • cleaning paneling, railings
  • washing equipment
  • cleaning of external areas: paved and green
  • snow removal

Tenement houses, blocks of flats and entire estates require proper care. Even the most modern buildings will quickly become neglected if their managers do not find a qualified company that will focus on comprehensive service for the entire facility. Cleaning, care and protection - these are the basic activities thanks to which each property always looks properly, and its residents have the feeling that they live in a clean and well-kept building.

Cleaning of housing estates

Cleaning housing estates is a standard service, tailored to the needs of contractors. The frequency and type of activities are determined on the basis of the requirements and needs of all residents. When cleaning blocks, tenement houses and entire housing estates, the qualified staff uses only certified and proven cleaning agents that ensure long-lasting freshness, shine and care.

The company's responsibilities include:

  • cleaning entrance gates and garage doors;
  • sweeping, washing and caring for floors, stairs, elevators, paneling and railings;
  • vacuuming and washing carpets, upholstery, carpets and upholstery;
  • cleaning windows, window sills and all glass elements of the property;
  • cleaning green and hardened external elements and snow removal;
  • cleaning of fixed elements of real estate equipment.

Cleanliness worth attention - cleaning blocks and tenement houses

Taking care of all the elements in the building is a very important part of its care and impregnation. Any negligence may cause permanent damage which will make the entire property look bad. Therefore, after the building is put into use, its manager should contact the cleaning company and sign a contract regulating the scope of its duties.

Cleaning housing estates is a standard service that is adapted to the requirements and needs of the administrator and residents. When cleaning housing estates, tenement houses and blocks of flats, you can give up some of the obligations, as well as determine their frequency. In the summer season, cleaning the floors will not be as necessary as in rainy autumn or winter. The scope of duties should be carefully adjusted so that tenement houses, blocks and condominiums can always enjoy a clean and well-kept building.

Cleaning on the estate

When renting a cleaning company, you cannot forget about the entire estate and the greenery surrounding the building. Sometimes they are small areas covered with grass, sometimes there is a playground or a bench next to the block, which should also be taken care of. Neglected for a long time, these elements simply look bad and sometimes they permanently degenerate, which obviously affects the reception of the entire property. That is why it is worth thinking about the services of the estate cleaning company in advance, in order to be able to enjoy a well-kept, modern building.

Safety of residents

Caring for the estate, cleaning tenement houses and blocks of flats, use only certified cleaning agents. Thanks to this, residents do not have to worry about, for example, possible contact with substances harmful to health. When cleaning tenement houses, blocks of flats and housing estates, one should bear in mind not only the aesthetics, but also the comfort of all real estate users.

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