Cultural and educations facilities

One of our specialties is cleaning schools and cleaning cultural facilities. Institutions gathering a large number of people within their walls require special care for cleanliness. Hygiene is especially important in educational facilities attended by young children. Proper disinfection and thorough removal of dirt make the place fully suitable for everyone. Our company offers comprehensive execution of orders, professional advice and modern solutions ideally suited to a given facility, which will help maintain impeccable order.

Professional cleaning of educational and cultural facilities

At ProCleaner, we always want to meet customer expectations. That is why our team consists of over 1,500 professionals who fulfill their duties reliably and efficiently every day. Employees can listen and meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. We adjust our services directly to your requirements. We know that cleaning educational facilities requires extreme precision and the use of specialized cleaning agents. That is why we use products and equipment of the highest quality, with all approvals and recommendations. These are preparations of the best European producers, such as Voigt or Merida.

At ProCleaner, we care about the good of our planet, which is why the products we use are carefully selected in terms of environmental friendliness. The combination of the expertise of our employees with professional work tools means that our services, such as cleaning universities or cleaning schools, can be performed at the highest level.

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When cooperating with the client, our priority is an individual approach to each contract. Especially in institutions that serve large groups of people, it is extremely important to ensure hygienic conditions for learning. In educational settings, care should be taken to reduce the amount of harmful microbes, and the best way is to disinfect them regularly, and this applies to the various elements with which students come into contact. For cleaning, we use certified cleaning agents that perfectly cope with such tasks.

Our company will gladly adapt to your needs both in terms of cleaning activities and in terms of time. We know that cleaning of universities or cultural facilities often has to be done in the evenings. This is not a problem for us.

We agree on all terms of the contract together and our long-term cooperation will be based on them. Our services are distinguished by their comprehensiveness. The basic service package we offer includes, among others, cleaning and care of the floor surface, carpets, upholstery, window cleaning, and paneling.

Comprehensive cleaning of cultural and educational facilities

Cultural and educational facilities are constantly exposed to dirt every day. In the interests of the health of guests and the aesthetics of the rooms, you should take care of their regular cleaning and disinfection. Therefore, in addition to school cleaning services, we also offer comprehensive cleaning of cultural facilities such as cinemas, theaters, community centers and museums. Our qualified staff will ensure cleanliness with the help of professional knowledge, technically advanced equipment and certified chemicals. The services provided so far have allowed us to develop the most effective and efficient methods of work.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We are happy to help you adjust the appropriate services to your individual needs, we provide support and professional help at every stage of contact.

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