The comprehensive hotel cleaning service addressed to all entrepreneurs is a response to the ever-expanding expectations of entrepreneurs and hotel guests as to cleanliness standards. Taking advantage of our offer allows you to save money, while increasing the standard of the hotel. We facilitate work at the facility by providing cleaning services immediately with employees and machines, which also allows you to save time needed for recruitment. ProCleaner employees work with equipment and cleaning agents of the recommended brands and of the highest standards, selecting them for specific surfaces and materials. The scope of services and the frequency of their performance are agreed individually with the client, depending on the needs of the facility or the planned fund.

Standard cleaning service includes:

  • cleaning and care of floors
  • cleaning carpets, rugs and furniture upholstery
  • wiping equipment: incl. furniture, lamps, mirrors, equipment
  • cleaning paneling, railings
  • cleaning windows and glazing
  • emptying rubbish bins
  • cleaning toilets.
  • cleaning of sports and recreation rooms.

The standard and cleanliness of the facility undoubtedly affect the impression of hotel guests. After all, none of us wants to pay for a stay in a place whose sanitary condition leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is worth ensuring the highest quality of hotel cleaning. The ProCleaner service will help you in this regard.

Cleaning the hotel

We offer a comprehensive hotel cleaning service, which allows you to significantly raise the standard of cleanliness in the facility while saving time and money. Our proposal is a very convenient solution, because we offer not only employees to clean hotel rooms, but also cleaning machines and cleaning products. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about recruiting, hiring the right person and about the purchase and storage of the necessary equipment. You will get all of this from ProCleaner in the highest quality, and at a very favorable price!

Cleaning the hotel room

As part of the standard hotel room cleaning service, we offer:

  • cleaning and care of floors,
  • cleaning carpets, rugs,
  • cleaning upholstery,
  • vacuuming interior elements: incl. furniture, lamps, mirrors, equipment,
  • cleaning paneling and balustrades,
  • washing windows and glazing,
  • emptying rubbish bins,
  • washing toilets,
  • cleaning sports, recreation and office rooms.

ProCleaner cleaning services

What characterizes ProCleaner employees? Our employees have appropriate qualifications in hotel cleaning, moreover, they are diligent and timely. Professionals in our team appropriately select the cleaning agents of the recommended brands according to the types of surfaces or materials in order to obtain the best cleaning effect in hotel rooms. The whole thing is complemented by our control system, which prevents any possible shortcomings. We never give our clients orders that have not been carried out perfectly, with the utmost attention to every detail.

What is our equipment? We focus on professionalism, using very effective, modern machines and specialized chemistry. For cleaning hotels, we choose the best cleaning agents and equipment, because we know that they will provide the highest standard in your facilities.

If you have additional needs in the field of cleaning services, hotel room cleaning or hotel cleaning in general, please let us know. We are open to forms of cooperation tailored to individual customer expectations and going beyond the standard service. We believe that our reliable staff and professional equipment at our disposal will respond positively to your expectations.

The scope of ProCleaner services and the frequency of work are always agreed with the client, because we know that depending on the size of the hotel, seasonality in the hotel industry and the resulting variable number of guests, the intensity of hotel cleaning may vary.

How much does the hotel cleaning service cost? The cost of the service will each time depend on factors such as the size or specificity of the facility. We are a company operating according to the highest standards and with the use of advanced equipment. We cannot provide "affordable" prices for our services, but we make sure that the financial terms of our offer remain competitive. When working with us, you always pay a clearly defined sum for specific ordered activities, while having control over our service all the time.

We cordially encourage you to use ProCleaner services and familiarize yourself with our wide offer, which also applies to cleaning other facilities.

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