Cleaning of production halls

Budynki przemysłowe w szczególności wymagają zachowania porządku ze względu na bezpieczeństwo pracy, a także na koszty produkcji, które wzrastają w momencie uszkodzenia-ubrudzenia towaru. ProCleaner specjalizuje się w utrzymaniu i przywracaniu czystości w tego typu miejscach. Posiadamy nowoczesny park maszyn, dzięki któremu jesteśmy w stanie wykonać każdą usługę sprzątającą. Ponadto korzystamy ze specjalistycznych środków chemicznych przeznaczonych do profesjonalnego usuwania zabrudzeń. Nasz technolog indywidualnie dobiera preparaty dla osiągnięcia najlepszych efektów. Nasze wieloletnie doświadczenie i specjalistyczny sprzęt gwarantują najwyższą jakość usług. Elastyczne podejście do klienta pozwala na indywidualizację świadczeń.
Our cleaning service deals with:
  • production halls:
    • Cleaning production lines
    • keeping floors clean: sweeping, vacuuming and washing;
    • removing liquid stains, tire marks etc.
    • cleaning windows and glazing
    • washing additional hall equipment
    • emptying rubbish bins
  • social rooms
  • toilets

Production halls are facilities in which cleanliness must be maintained due to compliance with the principles of occupational health and safety and the costs associated with the production of individual goods. They can significantly increase in the event of damage / contamination of products or their components. That is why it is so important to regularly wash production halls, the more so as they are places characterized by high intensity of work, the use of various machines and substances, as well as modern technologies. Maintaining cleanliness in such rooms is certainly demanding, also due to the specificity of individual devices and workstations, access to which is often difficult. Compliance with the individual hall cleanliness plan is, however, the basis for safe, ergonomic and comfortable work in this facility. Fortunately, in terms of cleaning production halls, Wrocław is a city where you can find a company that provides cleaning services at the highest level.

Sprzątanie, mycie, czyszczenie hal przemysłowych

Our company is well aware of the fact that each building and its surfaces that are to be covered by cleaning services have a different character. Therefore, before starting cooperation, we always make sure to determine the optimal scope of work - during a conversation at a meeting or by contacting the hotline. Only when we know the client's expectations and needs, we can prepare a specific proposal for cleaning services. The offer includes the specificity and area of work, schedule, possible additional benefits and costs. We always care about customer satisfaction, which is why we make sure that the cooperation takes place on a clear basis. It is therefore worth adding that if you need a partner who provides services such as cleaning production halls, Wrocław is a city where you can find a company that performs such works - ProCleaner.

Cleaning of production halls Wrocław - what is included in the offer?

  • Keeping floors clean: sweeping, vacuuming and washing all types of surfaces.
  • Removal of fluid, grease and oil stains as well as tire marks.
  • Cleaning windows and glazing.
  • Washing additional hall equipment.
  • Cleaning of production lines.
  • Emptying rubbish bins.

Cleaning production halls Wrocław - why us?

  • We have been operating on the market for over 12 years. We have extensive experience in works such as washing production halls - Wrocław and its surroundings are an area where many satisfied customers can confirm this.
  • Our company employs only professionals who, thanks to their knowledge, perform all services reliably, precisely and safely.
  • We guarantee competitive prices for washing production halls in Wrocław, depending on the size and specificity of the facility, the scope of activities performed and the frequency of services.
  • We have implemented a proprietary system of control of the services provided, which allows for the supervision of every stage of work. Our clients also receive satisfaction surveys, so we know what possibly needs improvement.
  • We are constantly improving our services. We take care of cyclical employee training, quality control and implementation of procedures enabling even better work.
  • Cleaning of production halls in Wrocław is carried out with the use of modern equipment and specialized means, while maintaining strict health and safety standards. All products come from the best European producers, such as Numatic, Diversey, Henry Kruse, Voigt, Merida. We can guarantee that all preparations used by our staff are ecological and have the appropriate approvals. If you entrust us with cleaning production halls in Wrocław, you can be sure that the services will be performed at the highest level. Thanks to the knowledge and experience as well as excellent knowledge of individual agents, professionals always choose the right type of chemicals for a specific type of surface. We also have our own machine park, enabling the use of the most modern equipment, which translates into an even better quality of work. It is worth remembering that in terms of cleaning production halls, Wrocław is a city where you can use the services of a proven company, such as ProCleaner.
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