Cleaning of warehouse halls

The warehouse facilities are characterized by a high rotation of packages and intensive traffic of trucks. Maintaining cleanliness in such rooms is demanding, also due to the multi-level shelves, which are usually only accessible by lifts. Following an individual warehouse hygiene plan is essential to maintaining a healthy and safe environment in the facility.
ProCleaner, as a professional cleaning company, organizes warehouses. We provide services of the highest standard thanks to trained employees, modern equipment and professional chemistry of many respected brands. We treat each client individually, which is why it is possible to flexibly adjust the offer.
Our cleaning service deals with:
  • production halls:
    • Cleaning production lines
    • keeping floors clean: sweeping, vacuuming, washing
    • removing liquid stains, tire marks etc.
    • cleaning windows and glazing
    • washing additional hall equipment
    • emptying rubbish bins
  • social rooms
  • toilets

Comprehensive cleaning of warehouse halls in Wrocław and its vicinity

Our company provides comprehensive, top-quality cleaning services. We offer cleaning of warehouse halls Wrocław - as the company's headquarters - is the main area of our activity, but we also easily reach customers from nearby towns and further areas of the province, and even the whole of Poland.

We have modern, specialized machinery as well as proven and qualified staff. Our many years of experience and skills allow us to efficiently and professionally carry out any order. At work, we use only high-quality chemicals from reputable manufacturers that can handle even the most persistent dirt. We use high-class scrubbing and cleaning machines with various capacities and functionalities. Our employees are equipped with appropriate clothing and tools. We have all the necessary current permits and certificates that are necessary for, inter alia, work at height. We act with great care and diligence, making every effort to ensure that the service is performed in a way that does not interfere with the functioning of your company.

Cleaning large warehouse spaces requires a lot of experience as well as appropriate chemicals and specialized equipment. We approach each order and client individually, thanks to which we flexibly adjust the offer to a specific need. We also always select the staff and the most appropriate method of operation for a given facility and task. We also perform difficult and unusual tasks that other companies are unable to cope with.

Cleaning of warehouse halls Wrocław - scope of services

The ProCleaner company deals with comprehensive cleaning of warehouse halls, as well as social rooms and sanitary facilities located in the facility. We also offer building preparation services in terms of cleanliness for investor acceptance and audits. We take care of the effective cleaning of the entire warehouse facility, regardless of the type of activity conducted in it or the type of stored goods. The scope of our warehouse cleaning services in Wrocław includes:

  • effective cleaning of floors, including primarily sweeping, vacuuming with professional devices with high suction power, as well as washing,
  • floor cleaning,
  • emptying litter bins,
  • thorough cleaning of windows and other types of glazing,
  • cleaning ceilings, lighting and ventilation,
  • washing and cleaning of additional hall equipment,
  • other activities, thanks to which the interiors of warehouses and halls regain their former freshness and cleanliness.

In addition, we also provide the removal of contaminants from fire-fighting equipment and information boards, cleaning under ramps, vacuuming hard-to-reach places and other types of warehouse cleaning works. Depending on the demand, we also provide additional services, such as cleaning the facade of the warehouse, washing and vacuuming high storage racks, as well as impregnating or repairing concrete floors.

We guarantee the effective removal of various types of contamination from floors, including:

  • dirt from liquids, greases and oils,
  • used polymer coatings and other protective layers,
  • wheel marks of forklifts and other machines as well as car tires,
  • dirt resulting from everyday use of the warehouse hall.

We provide attractive, competitive prices. We present a valuation based on the needs of a given company and the area of the cleaned warehouse. Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our specialists will provide you with additional information, advise on the selection of appropriate services and present their cost.

Entrusting cleaning services to a professional cleaning company that deals with the performance of this type of work on a daily basis, is a guarantee of efficiency and creating safe conditions for employees, thanks to getting rid of dirt, mites or - if necessary - repairing a damaged floor.

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