Sports and recreations facilities

In sports and recreation facilities where collective use is practiced, the basis is to maintain hygiene throughout the building. The cleaning company ProCleaner has many years of experience in offering services and maintaining cleanliness in such buildings. We support all objects..
Our service is comprehensive, so we deal with all equipment facilities. We also care for the cleanliness of the stands and the social and sanitary facilities.
The high quality of our services is ensured by trained staff, specialized equipment and reputable chemistry. Our machine park is equipped with modern machinery, which also includes equipment for professional cleaning of various types of flooring such as: parquet, elastomer, chloro-rubber floor, PVC, linoleum, tiles, artificial grass and other surfaces. In addition to machines, we use cleaning and disinfection chemicals, individually selected by our technician. We perform services competently and efficiently.
We take care of::
  • Courts
  • Treadmills
  • Gyms
  • Swimming Pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Golf courses
  • Squares and playrooms.

Professional equipment

  • Modern machinery park
  • Specialized chemical agents
  • Best cleaning products

Reliable personnel

  • High qualifications
  • Carefulness and punctuality
  • Controlling system

Competitive prices depend on:

  • Size and specifics of the object
  • Scope of work
  • Services frequency