Staff recruitment

For many years, ProCleaner has been dealing with the professional recruitment of personnel for positions in many industries, also working for external companies. We have experience in recruiting employees at all levels, both managers and specialists, as well as manual workers.

We have trained recruiters who recruit personnel, demonstrating all competences and skills related to HR. They are looking for candidates who meet the criteria of contractors, using their knowledge in the field of work psychology. When working with us, contractors can be sure that an employee hired for a specific position has the appropriate professional, personality and social competences, and our team watches over the entire recruitment process, using various methods of verification and selection of candidates: headhunting, assessment center, competence tests and job interviews, including behavioral questions.

Recruitment stages:
  1. Determining the profile of the position and the ideal employee
  2. Searching for suitable candidates
  3. The qualification process
  4. Selection of candidates
  5. Candidate selection.
Recruiting new employees is both an extremely important and a very difficult element of work. Our recruiters must demonstrate knowledge, the ability to estimate the potential of candidates and determine their actual commitment. In order for the entire personnel recruitment process to be as reliable as possible, several important factors must be met, which are a guarantee of accepting a responsible and committed employee.

Work psychology

Specialists involved in the recruitment of new staff must demonstrate knowledge and competences related to HR. Using the acquired information in the field of work psychology, our recruiters look for candidates who meet clearly defined criteria. Recruitment of employees at all levels, from manual workers, through managers, to specialists in specific fields, is carried out using professional recruitment techniques. The contractors cooperating with us can be sure that our staff checks all the competences of the company's future employees. We check interpersonal skills, professional experience, the scope of knowledge and commitment of each candidate to make sure that we thoroughly know their character and professional history. Competency tests, behavioral questions, psychological tests, all to make the entire recruitment process as reliable as possible and select the best candidates.

Staff recruitment

The recruitment of future staff takes place at several very important stages. The first one concerns the definition of the profile and position of a potential employee. His required experience, education, skills, and sometimes also non-professional achievements are determined, proving his commitment and intellectual and physical abilities. Then, the search for suitable candidates is carried out on the basis of recruitment advertisements. Depending on the submitted cover letters and CVs, an extremely important qualification process begins. During its duration, people interested in a job offer are invited to recruitment interviews. During them, our staff verifies the truthfulness of the information provided and selects the most suitable candidates for the selected position. All candidates at this stage undergo competence tests, answer behavioral questions and participate in active discussion.


Based on head hunting, which is one of the recruitment methods, our recruiters can assess the opportunities, advantages and risks of hiring specific people. After the interviews, it is time to select the best candidates who have demonstrated knowledge, experience, commitment and numerous interpersonal skills. After the difficult stage of selecting the best candidates, select the most responsible one who will work in the company for which our staff has conducted a multi-stage recruitment process.

Assessment center

All potential candidates are subject to an assessment of their abilities and skills. This is done by a specially qualified team of recruiters who ask specific questions and present the candidate with unusual tasks that he will have to solve. All this to estimate the competences of the potential employee. It is worth paying attention to the assessment center as a participant in the recruitment stage. Thanks to proper preparation and having reliable knowledge and education, candidates get a chance to prove what can contribute to taking up their dream job.
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