Waste collection

The ProCleaner company meets the needs of each client, therefore we also offer a waste disposal service. The formation of waste is a side effect of any production or warehouse process, and companies are willing to look for offers with comprehensive services. It is possible to collect waste once or cyclically, depending on the needs and requirements of customers.

We handle all types of containers. The collection of waste, regardless of its segregation, type, size or origin, improves the flow of waste in the contractor's company. If possible, we also recycle and dispose of waste. If the waste is recyclable, we offer the option to reduce costs and even purchase recyclable materials.

Waste management in public institutions, production plants and service enterprises should run smoothly. By using our waste collection offer, you can be sure that all waste will be removed efficiently and always on time. Cooperation with our company guarantees the collection of all waste, the amount and type of which are declared in the contract. Adjusting the frequency of collection and the scope of related services is a matter agreed individually with each client. A large fleet of vehicles and a wide range of containers and containers with various capacities, as well as our experience, guarantee comprehensive orders. For the sake of the comfort of cooperation, we make every effort to ensure that the financial aspect does not constitute a barrier, as the value for money ratio is disproportionately favorable for us. 

Principles of cooperation - is waste segregation necessary?

When defining the scope of cooperation, our company offers favorable conditions aimed at providing each client with comfort. If you cannot afford to segregate waste, we will collect unsorted municipal waste, providing appropriate containers, adapted to the amount of waste and the frequency of its collection. Waste disposal is carried out with specially adapted vehicles. If waste is segregated, then we provide containers for the collection of rubbish of a given type, ensuring that a competitive offer is maintained for all customers, both those who order regular waste disposal and those who order one-time services. An individual approach to our clients allows us to create a friendly relationship in which ProCleaner always provides helpful advice and support to choose the best offer for each client. Constant development, expansion of the fleet and continuous expansion of the possibilities of waste disposal guarantee the professionalism and comprehensiveness of our services.

Timely collection of waste

Valuing your time and sense of comfort, we are always punctual, and the collection of waste is regular, discreet and silent. While working, we do not disturb other people's work. If you are interested in waste disposal, we can also offer favorable terms of cooperation, as in the case of atypical waste disposal orders. Conversation is the best way for both parties to gain tangible benefits from cooperation, so when talking about our offer, we will adapt it to your needs. Our experts will carefully listen to your expectations and present an offer tailored to your capabilities. Bearing in mind the diverse needs of each client, we adjust the terms of cooperation to the scope of the client's activity, and thus the specification of waste collection. We are professionals who guarantee the implementation of each order specified in the terms of the contract. If we undertake any service, we are always technically prepared to perform it. The appropriate number of trained and experienced employees ensures that our orders are carried out on time, and you are satisfied with the efficient and discreet handling of waste disposal.
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