Germicidal lamps

Germicidal lamps generate strong UV-C rays that irreversibly kill bacteria, molds, viruses and other microorganisms from the surface they fall on. Air disinfection with such lamps consists in the flow of contaminated air through the disinfection chamber - contaminated air is sucked in by the fan, and the filter inside the device effectively removes unwanted elements from it. It is worth adding that the air given off by such lamps is almost completely free of microorganisms.

Good to remember
It is also worth remembering to clean and change bulbs regularly - germicidal lamps will not work as effectively if all components are not regularly maintained. Such lamps are ideally suited to the fight against the epidemic and to protect employees against infection, e.g. coronavirus. Our team's specialists will help you choose the right type of lamp for the room and will inspect the components in order to eliminate potential damage.

Where are germicidal lamps used?

Lamps producing UV-C rays are especially recommended in health centers, hospitals and offices where not only patients, but also medical staff and visiting sick guests reside. The use of such lamps effectively reduces the spread of dangerous germs to the outside. They are also especially recommended in laboratories and pharmacies. They are also becoming more and more popular in the food, cosmetics, hotel and catering industries.
Germicidal lamps can be mounted to the wall by the ceiling or placed on a movable tripod. Depending on the needs, we adjust the type of lamp to the room - if there is a need to clean the air, and not only the surface itself, our technologist offers flow lamps. Lamps with direct radiation will work well on smaller surfaces.

Safety of germicidal lamps

The use of such lamps is highly effective, but during their operation, no people should be present in the room. Strong exposure to short UV waves can be dangerous to humans. However, the high efficiency of the lamps is invaluable in many medical and service offices, where they are also used to disinfect objects with which the patient or client had contact.
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