Mat delivery and service

The mats supplied and serviced by ProCleaner are suitable for every enterprise that wants to keep safety and cleanliness and company. Entrance mats easily protect against the spread of dirt in the building, and their hydrophobic surface will retain water, which can be a hazard, especially on slippery surfaces. We offer services that will effectively protect your floors.
The service includes:
  • delivery of mats
  • replacing the dirty mat with a clean one
  • cleaning a dirty mat
  • quality control of the washed mat
  • repeating the process of replacement, cleaning and inspection.

Made of innovative microfibers, the mats keep all dirt, such as water, mud, dust and leaves on their surface. Modern technologies improve their absorbability, thanks to which they dry much faster. A specially designed tread on the bottom increases the grip of the mats, which is especially important on wet surfaces. Entering a company building, office or other institution must be a showcase of this place. Everyone who enters the room immediately forms an opinion about it. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of its cleanliness and a good first impression. A clean and aesthetic mat placed in front of each entrance door not only creates an element of the image of the institution located in a given place, but also has practical functions. In addition to a significant help in keeping the interior clean on a regular basis, it also significantly facilitates the regular cleaning of all rooms. Therefore, the entrance mat is an indispensable element and it is worth remembering about it.

Where and why are entrance mats a particularly practical solution?

Places with heavy traffic, i.e. office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, as well as all public buildings - it is the most difficult place to keep the floor clean. Especially in autumn, winter and early spring, during frequent rainfall, snowfall and thaw, so characteristic of the climate in our country, the soles of shoes of each person entering the building apply mud, dirt and water. Robust, well-matched entrance mats will absorb and retain most of the moisture and anything that may have stuck to your shoes. They also allow you to avoid slipping or falling when even violently wiping the shoes. The entrance mat increases safety by reducing the risk of slipping on a wet floor.

Entrance mat service

It is usually difficult to even lift a mat, which is traversed by dozens of people in just a few hours. There are even several thousand of them every day in large facilities. An ordinary doormat will certainly turn out to be insufficient. Only a modern, durable and absorbent entrance mat will cope with such a large number of people entering and leaving the room. The mat will absorb huge amounts of water and retain anything that could stick to the sole of the shoe. By accumulating such layers of dirt and water on itself, the mat becomes heavy and soiled.

Our company deals with comprehensive cleaning, cleaning and maintenance of buildings from the inside and outside. The entrance mat service is therefore just another point among the many that we offer to our customers. Using professional tools, devices and effective cleaning agents, our staff will ensure that these critical, constantly dirty elements return to their proper condition on a regular basis. In addition, cleaning performed by employees is subject to regular supervision, which ensures the highest standard of services.

Supply and replacement of entrance mats.

ProCleaner is also a supplier of the highest quality entrance mats. Professionals check exactly what kind of mats are needed for a specific facility and what parameters they should have. Then we deliver appropriate entrance mats to the door, not only at the beginning, but also whenever it is necessary to replace them with new ones due to wear or possible damage. It is services such as the systematic delivery of entrance mats and replacement of entrance mats, in addition to regular cleaning, that provide the recipients of ProCleaner services with real comfort and safety. Thanks to our service, the entrance to your building will become a showcase of the company, which will be untainted with unsightly dirt. Your satisfaction with the services is our satisfaction!

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