Dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting is an innovative method provided by ProCleaner. It does not require the use of any chemicals. Our qualified employees have all qualifications to perform this service - procedures for applying techniques and maintaining safety. We clean with dry ice both inside buildings and in open spaces.
The dry ice blasting technique can be used to clean any surface. Dry ice only acts on the surface and does not alter the base material. It is an extremely innovative method because it can be applied to devices of undefined shape without the need to disassemble them, and to live devices. This method does not cause secondary waste and does not pollute the environment. Simplicity and efficiency are the greatest advantages of this method!
Dry ice
Dry ice is a solid form of CO₂ with a temperature of -79 ° C, which effectively and safely removes dirt. During the service, this natural substance is sprayed using specialized equipment. After contact with the surface to be cleaned, it changes its state of concentration into gas, thanks to which it increases its volume, removes dirt and evaporates, leaving no additional coatings.

Professional dry ice cleaning in Wrocław and its surroundings

The cleaning company ProCleaner offers effective and comprehensive dry ice cleaning. Wroclaw is the seat of our company, but we provide services not only in the city, but also its surroundings and further areas. In the event of such a demand, we can also easily reach the customer in any location in Poland.

Dry ice blasting has many advantages. It is financially advantageous, especially when compared to conventional cleaning methods such as sandblasting or the removal of dirt with high pressure water. The method is also environmentally friendly. It does not release harmful gases, does not create secondary waste and residues of the sprayed material. It is also safe for humans and other living creatures. It allows you to effectively save the material used. It does not pose a risk to electrically conductive systems (when switched off). It can be successfully used to remove dirt from various surfaces, especially metal ones.

Dry ice processing can even be used for installations that are sensitive to moisture and water. Basically, it enables the removal of all materials and plastics that react intensively to temperature changes, especially adhesives, varnishes, paints, waxes, oils, bitumen and plastic foams. It allows you to easily clean even hard-to-reach places, without requiring disassembly and subsequent assembly of the cleaned devices. It is fast, simple and convenient to carry out, and at the same time extremely effective. It works only on the surface of a given item or equipment, without affecting the base material in any way. Dry ice is non-abrasive, which protects the surface to be cleaned.

Dry ice cleaning Wrocław - application

We use dry ice cleaning services in Wrocław primarily to effectively remove dirt from such metal objects and equipment, such as, among others:

  • tanks, containers and molds,
  • engines, turbines and generators,
  • control installations and insulators,
  • equipment parts, tools,
  • mixing, production and filling installations,
  • fans, dryers and crowns,
  • transport rollers and belts,
  • hot plates and molds,
  • carbon and fat residues,
  • scale and slags.

In addition, the above-mentioned method allows for effective repair and removal of fire damage to electrical devices or system switch cabinets.

Dry ice blasting is used in many different industries and fields. It will work, among others in the foundry and steel, electrical, plastics, vulcanization, automotive, woodworking, packaging, as well as food and bakery industries. It can also be successfully used in power plants and waste incineration installations.

What is dry ice blasting?

In this process, dry ice pellets with a diameter of approx. 3 mm from carbon dioxide frozen at -79 degrees Celsius are very much accelerated and then sprayed onto the cleaned surface. This method is similar to sandblasting or pressurized water washing, but dry ice achieves much better results.

When dry ice comes into contact with dirt, the granules shrink, and due to the sudden reduction in volume, cracks are formed and the material shrinks. As granular ice hits the pollutant with great vigor, it breaks away from the surface. In addition, when the dry ice pellets pass through the material you want to remove, they come into contact with the ground. Its warmer surface causes the ice to change from solid to gas. CO2 increases its volume several hundred times, and by expanding, it removes dirt.

The cleaning effect of the dry ice treatment method is therefore based on the thermal and kinetic energy of the granules, which results in brittleness and detachment of dirt. On the other hand, a quick change of the spray material state allows for the final elimination of contaminants from a given surface.

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