Cleaning production lines

We are aware that in large production halls, lines, air handling units and heating systems require constant cleanliness control - not only for economic reasons, but also for safety and hygiene reasons.

Systematic cleaning of the entire system is crucial for the effective and consistent functioning of production halls. Thanks to this, it is possible to provide appropriate working conditions for employees, and the manufactured goods are produced in a hygienic manner. This increases the efficiency of both personnel and machinery.

ProCleaner offers professional and comprehensive cleaning:
  • production lines:
    • employee positions
    • transport belts
    • production machines
    • forms
    • control devices
  • air handling units
  • heating systems.

Specialist knowledge, the highest quality of services and high qualifications of our employees are the key to success for every production hall. Our knowledge of the operation of machines, systems and AHUs allows us to customize services directly to the customer. Cleaning of production lines is carried out with the use of modern technologies that facilitate effective service. Thanks to the knowledge of various techniques, we can easily adapt to the base material. We use only the most effective machines and chemicals to ensure that the services are performed to the high requirements of contractors and the specificity of the facility.

A comprehensive range of services is provided based on the vast experience of our employees and their knowledge of the use of modern technologies. Our company prides itself on the fact that our employees provide the highest quality services. We are a cleaning company employing a number of specialists who first undergo an appropriate training program. We also use proven and safe solutions. We are not afraid of new challenges and we are happy to offer individual terms of cooperation, for example related to cleaning ventilation ducts, cleaning heating systems or cleaning control devices. Our employees approach each task professionally and using the best equipment and cleaning agents available.

Cleaning the ventilation

The scope of our services includes, among others, cleaning of air handling units, cleaning of mechanical ventilation, replacement of filters, maintenance and disinfection. We can come to any company, hospital, school or production hall. At the beginning, we conduct a thorough audit to understand the needs of our clients and their expectations. Then we check the condition of the ventilation ducts. As you know, their cleanliness has an impact on the health and well-being of employees, which is a priority, but in addition, clean ventilation ducts are more functional and will reduce the cost of ventilation. After conducting a thorough inspection and agreeing on the terms of cooperation, our employees immediately start working. We only use ecological preparations that have adequate certificates, and special brushes and machines dedicated to cleaning the ventilation ducts will remove all contaminants. At the customer's request, if necessary, we can perform specialized dry ice cleaning.

Cooperation with production companies - cleaning of industrial machines

When presenting a wide range of our services, we cannot forget about cooperation with the owners of halls, warehouses and production companies. We are well aware of the fact that keeping order in such places is a real challenge and is extremely important in the case of various types of external audits or audits. That is why we prepare an offer that is always tailored to the needs of our clients. We know how to clean production lines, clean molds, clean control devices or clean workstations. For us, even the most difficult dirt is not a challenge, because we use specialized, certified preparations and new generation equipment, which is dedicated to cleaning, sweeping or washing floors. By entrusting us with services in the field of cleaning conveyor belts, the customer can be sure that we know the inside out of the mechanisms of operation of such devices and we know what to do to ensure the high quality of our services. The same goes for cleaning mechanical ventilation or cleaning production lines.

Professional services, i.e. cleaning of heating systems

We are a company with many years of experience operating throughout the country. We undertake both one-off orders and we accept standing orders. Our individual approach to each order and the fact that we offer a lot of professional cleaning services make us a leading company on the market. One of our specialties is cleaning heating systems. We have portable devices for rinsing, clearing and disinfecting, and all work is performed with the use of ecological preparations with an appropriate certificate. Our employees know very well how to perform the service from beginning to end, have a specific action plan and are able to adapt to the instructions and expectations of customers.
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