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ProCleaner specializes in professional and comprehensive cleaning of buildings, halls, offices, hotels and other facilities. In addition, we also have a wide range of additional services. We constantly invest in technological development, thanks to which we have our own modern machinery park, as well as specialized chemicals that have the necessary certificates and are safe for the environment. Thanks to such solutions and commitment, we are 100% effective. Cleaning products are adjusted to the type of material, its structure and weave in order to obtain the best effect of work that will meet your expectations. We deal with cleaning carpets, upholstery and floor coverings as well as extraction, encapsulation, foaming, bonnet and shampooing.

Cleaning carpets, upholstery and carpets
As part of specialist services, we provide comprehensive cleaning of carpets, carpets and upholstery. In the interests of the customer's well-being and satisfaction, as part of our specialist services, we use the best methods for thorough cleaning and surface care. These are: extraction, shampooing, foaming, encapsulation and bonnetting used to refresh carpets, upholstery and carpets.

Extraction is a type of thorough surface cleaning that involves spreading a chemical that removes dirt. For extraction, we use a special spray and suction device, which simultaneously applies the product, eliminates impurities and drains the remaining liquid. We use this cleaning method on most rugs and carpets.

Shampooing is a similar type of thorough cleaning that involves the application of a foaming chemical. Then the preparation is rubbed with a dedicated device called a scrubber. The excess of the preparation is sucked out and rinsed out. We use shampooing to clean floor textiles, with the exception of flocked carpets, carpet tiles mounted on distance floors, carpets on underlays.

Pianowanie, czyli metoda tzw. ?suchej piany? to rodzaj czyszczenia pielęgnacyjnego. Polega to na rozprowadzeniu produktu w formie piany, która ma za zadanie rozpuścić brud. Zanieczyszczenia odsysane są specjalnym odkurzaczem. Dzięki tej metodzie uzyskamy w pełni czystą powierzchnię. Pianowanie stosujemy do większości rodzajów dywanów, tapicerek i wykładzin.

Encapsulation is also a type of maintenance cleaning. This method consists in spreading a chemical product on the surface of, for example, a carpet, which is successively rubbed by a specialized dirt dissolving machine. The next stage is drying, during which the so-called dirt is formed. capsules. The dirt capsules formed in this way are then vacuum-cleaned, thanks to which all contamination disappears. We use encapsulation on all carpets, upholstery and coverings.

Bonnetowanie to kolejna z metod stosowanych przez ProCleaner w ramach usług specjalistycznego czyszczenia dywanów, tapicerek i wykładzin. Bonnetowanie jest także jednym z rodzajów czyszczenia pielęgnacyjnego. Metoda ta polega na rozprowadzeniu produktu, który zostaje wtarty przez maszynę rotacyjną. Produkt ten rozpuszcza brud i go kumuluje, dzięki temu jest bardzo łatwy do usunięcia. Bonnetowanie stosuje się do powierzchni tekstylnych o niskim runie, powierzchni igłowanych, supełkowych oraz flokowanych.
Zachęcamy do skorzystania z profesjonalnych usług ProCleaner! Wyczyścimy Państwa dywany, tapicerki oraz wykładziny profesjonalnie oraz skutecznie.

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