Cleaning production lines

Production lines, ventilation units and heating systems require constant cleanliness for safety and economic reasons.
Key to consistent and efficient functioning of objects is to maintain order throughout the system. Systematic cleaning provides the right conditions for the people, the goods produced, and contributes to the productivity of the staff and machines.
The highest quality of service is guaranteed by to high qualifications, specialized knowledge of the construction and operation of machines, central and systems. We use modern technologies for cleaning, enabling us to efficiently carry out the service. We adapt the techniques to the type of base material. We use the most effective machines and chemicals. Our services are tailored to the specificity of the facility and the requirements of contractors, each customer is treated individually.
ProCleaner has experience in specialized cleaning and offers professional and comprehensive cleaning:
  • Production lines:
    • Employee posts
    • Transport belts
    • Production machinery
    • Forms
    • Control devices
  • Ventilation units
  • Heating systems.

Professional equipment

  • Modern machinery park
  • Specialized chemical agents
  • Best cleaning products

Reliable personnel

  • High qualifications
  • Carefulness and punctuality
  • Controlling system

Competitive prices depend on:

  • Size and specifics of the object
  • Scope of work
  • Services frequency