Cleaning outdoor areas

Proper maintenance of the company’s outdoor is a first step towards building a positive image of the company. Our qualified staff, equipped with modern equipment and chemicals, will take care of the proper presentation of the outdoor area. We clean green areas and hardened outdoor surfaces with equipment (such as benches, tables, bins etc.)

Maintenance of green areas

ProCleaner offers green areas cleaning services. We provide cleaning and maintenance services of green areas,  but we are also opened to creation of new compositions and zones.

Service applies to:

  • Grass mowing, trimming and shaping of shrubs and trees
  • Watering and fertilizing plants
  • Planting lawns, bushes, trees, flowers
  • Weeding
  • Preventive and intervention spraying
  • Raking leaves

Maintenance of hardened outdoor surface

The cleaning company ProCleaner comprehensively supports hardened areas of the property. We restore and maintain the cleanness of internal roads, sidewalks, squares and car parks.

Service applies to:

  • Manual or machine sweeping of hardened areas
  • Pressure or machine surface cleaning
  • Removal of difficult spots on tires and fluids
  • Weeding

We also offer snow removal services.