Cleaning after construction and renovation buildings

Newly built or refurbished buildings require basic cleaning, which requires specialized machinery, chemicals and competence. ProCleaner has access to all these tools, which professionally deals with restoring purity. We take care of the good presentation of customer objects, comprehensive and careful service. Our skilled workers use machines and cleaning systems of the highest quality . Cleaning methods are set individually to different type of dirt and object. We connect knowledge and experience to provide the customer with a guarantee of high quality service.
Construction and after-renovation cleaning includes:
  • Cleaning of building materials
  • Comprehensive dust extraction and dedusting
  • Comprehensive facility washing and equipment
  • dezynfekcję
  • Removal of stains from paints, adhesives and other types of dirt

Professional equipment

  • Modern machinery park
  • Specialized chemical agents
  • Best cleaning products

Reliable personnel

  • High qualifications
  • Carefulness and punctuality
  • Controlling system

Competitive prices depend on:

  • Size and specifics of the object
  • Scope of work
  • Services frequency