Carpet and upholstery cleaning


Effective cleaning of carpets, floor coverings and upholstery requires use of specialized machinery and chemicals. Each type of cover requires an individual assessment and appropriate service, adapted to the material, structure, weave and other factors.

ProCleaner cleaning company provides professional services in the area of washing and cleaning of carpets and upholstery. Professional and efficient refreshment of all office space coverings. We choose our methods based on the type and runes, warps, primers and degree of contamination.

Thorough cleaning; It consists in spreading a chemical agent on the, which is then removed along with the extractor dirt. The spray-suction in the same time applies the preparation, removes dirt and filtering off the remaining fluids. Extraction can be done on most types of carpets.
It consists of spreading a chemical agent on the surface, which is then foamed and bundled by the scrubber. Excess fluid is aspirated or rinsed. After drying, the surface is vacuumed with a crystalline mixture of shampoo and dirt. This method can be used to clean most of the floor textiles except for the flocked flooring, carpeted floor tiles, floor coverings.
("Dry foam") - cleaning care; It consists in spreading and tearing foam, which intensively dissolves dirt on the surface to be cleaned. Contamination is then suctioned with a vacuum cleaner. The surface after foaming is slightly soaked, but then it dries quickly. This method is recommended for all types of carpets and upholstery.
Care cleaning; it consists in spreading a chemical agent on the surface, which is rinsed by a specialist machine to dissolve dirt. During drying, the formulation is combined with impurities to form capsules. The granules in the next stage are removed by a vacuum cleaner. Encapsulation can be performed on all carpets and upholstery, including those sensitive to moisture (velour carpet, needle felt). Surfaces are not excessively wet during cleaning, so they dry quickly.
Care cleaning; it consists in spreading a chemical agent on the surface, which ruptures the dirt by the rotary machine. The device equipped with a bonnet in addition to rubbing the preparation, also collects dirt. The cleaning is designed for low-ridge, needle, knit, and flock textile surfaces. Bonnet cleaning should not be performed on woven carpeting, cut-tufted carpeting, shaggy carpets and bitumenic and heavy-latex surfaces.